Food Bank face to face services are suspended at present so please do not come to Holmfirth Library or Holmfirth Methodist Church.

Delivery Service

We are delivering emergency Food Bags to anyone in crisis in Holme Valley during the lockdown period.

If you need an emergency Food Bag delivery please let us know by text 07534 855332 or   private message via Food Bank Volunteers (Holme Valley) Facebook page  @foodbankvolunteers or email  foodbankvolunteershv@gmail.com

•  Already have one of our vouchers? please include your voucher number and your first name at the top of your message.

•  Don’t have a voucher? Please let us have your first name and we will provide you with a number. These 2 pieces of information will help us keep track of your delivery.

•  Let us know how many people there are in your house, if you are a family with children, the ages of your children. There is no need to disclose any other information about your family.

•  Please give us your full address and postcode. This will help us to find your home more easily. The food will be left on your doorstep and we will alert you.

•  Delivery will be every Tuesday and will start on Tuesday 14th April.

•  Requests for delivery must be placed by 6pm Sunday.

This service is for people in crisis who need help from Holme Valley Foodbank.

There is separate assistance if you are in isolation or shielding and need help with shopping or emotional support, you can contact Holme Valley Mutual Aid on 01484 212056 or support@holmevalleymutualaid.co.uk

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who make all this possible.

Holme Valley Foodbank

We are Holme Valley Foodbank. We run an Emergency Foodbank in the Holme Valley.

The Holme Valley Food Bank – also known as Food Bank Volunteers (Holme Valley) – is an independent, constituted community body that works in collaboration with other organisations to provide help to people in need in the Holme Valley with emergency food provisions.

In “normal” times we work with:

  • Locala at the Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, where food is stored and packed,
  • Holmfirth Methodist Church where food is given out on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Holmfirth Library where food bags are given out on Saturday.

We are run entirely by volunteers.

Our aim is to support people in greatest need in the Holme Valley with an emergency food bag. We help people in need to fill the gap before more permanent arrangements can be made to make sure they have sufficient resources.

Where to find us

If you are in crisis we invite you come to us for assistance with food:

Please note we  operate by delivery only at present.

How to get help from Holme Valley foodbank

Anyone can be in crisis. Life can be a struggle at times. If you need our help you are welcome to contact us as shown above and we will help you with a food bag. You don’t need a formal referral. We are happy to help.

When you contact us we will provide you with a voucher so you can obtain a food bag. You will need to bring your voucher with you each time you need a food bag.

Each food bag aims to provide food for a family of four for 2 days. We can also provide toiletries.

Using the Food Bank

The Food Bank will operate differently because we have a duty to protect you and our volunteers. Please don’t worry, there is enough food so we can still help you.

Food shortages – we need your help please!

Did you know?

During Covid19 we are helping more people than ever. Often the need for our emergency foodbank packs outstrips supply. That means we need to use our financial resources to buy extra food,

We really need your help now

We’re making a special plea for food and cash donations please. Food collection points are in Holmfirth Co-op, Holmfirth Sainsbury’s,  Bargain Booze Holmfirth, Yorkshire Building Society Holmfirth, Scholes Stores and Post Office, Wooldale Co-op.

If you can help us with donations we would be really grateful.  People also help in different ways for example by raising awareness of the foodbank, telling their friends, family and colleagues about us, and sharing and liking our social media messages.

We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you for caring.  

What items do we need?

23 June 2020

We know its a difficult time and we wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support. Thanks to your generosity we are ok for pasta, beans and soup just now.

We are very low on tinned food. Thank you

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.20.47

Great news!

We have some wonderful news to share! Liz, Holme Valley Food Bank chair, explains in her video message that the Food Bank has been recognised for its ‘outstanding service to the community during the Covid 19 crisis’ in a message from the Queen’s representative in West Yorkshire Lord Lieutenant, Ed Anderson. See what the Lord Lieutenant himself has to say here

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.49.43


Exceptional circumstances Notice 

You can read our newsletter here Newsletter August 2019

updated 23 June 2020

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