Holme Valley Foodbank is very grateful for the support we receive from all individuals and groups.

Your support allows us to help so many local people. A huge thank you goes out to everyone!

Thank you

We are very grateful for the large donations of food from:

Holmfirth Parish Church,  Methodist Church, Holmfirth, Ramsdens Solicitors, Holmfirth,   Lindley Grange Care Home, Huddersfield.

We also receive many individual donations and we are so grateful for those. All of our supporters are key to the work we can do helping those in need. A massive thank you to everyone!

Every week we receive individual donations of food and money from the Holme Valley community to help us support those in HD9. We are enormously appreciative of this wave of kindness which constantly laps around the Food Bank. Where we can, we like to thank people by letter or email.

THANK YOU for your generosity & continuing support. Huge THANKS also to those who give anonymously to support us during the coronavirus pandemic emergency. Without your help, we could not provide the support to households in difficulty in our community

Thank you so much. Your support is amazing and so important to us.


The Postcard Inn

Huge thanks to The Postcard Inn, Dr Pete’s Salsa Band and The Cafe Orchestra for their fab fundraiser for the foodbank. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.


Read Holmfirth

Thanks to our fabulous supporters James and Louise at Read Holmfirth. Their initiative to Buy a child a book for Christmas  so children supported by the foodbank can receive the gift of a book has had a fabulous response.  Huge thanks to Read and everyone who has supported this initiative. 


University of the 3rd Age – U3A

What a magnificent collection from The University of the 3rd Age (U3A) with everyday items, Christmas treats, and   a cash donation. Thank you so much.

Oaklands Health Centre

Oaklands Health Centre doctors practice donated some lovely Christmas treats again. This food will make up our Christmas parcels and be delivered the week before Christmas. We are so grateful that we are able to deliver essential items each week, and also treats at Christmas. Thank you to the Oaklands team!



Hepworth Junior & Infant School

What a feast of food!!  The children, families, and staff at Hepworth Junior and Infant School collected important everyday items, alongside some lovely luxury goods for Christmas. Here’s the Head, Mark Crouch, dropping the donation in to us. We are very grateful for such a kind and generous donation. Thank you!


Barnaby’s Day Nursery

Thank-you to Barnaby’s Day Nursery, who raised a massive £400 for the foodbank by creating a nursery Christmas tea towel with the children’s art work. What a great idea! Sara, the deputy manager, said “we are really happy that we have been able to help you in a small way. Keep up the fantastic work”. Thank you!


Stocksmoor Village Association

Another wonderful collection organised by Stocksmoor Village Association So much food to boost our stock levels before Christmas, and some wonderful Christmas treats too. Thank you so much.

Holmbridge Ladies’ Choir

Thank you to Holmbridge Ladies’ Choir for your wonderful donations.

Holmbridge choir

Hepworth Holy Trinity Church, Holmfirth Holy Trinity Church, St John’s Church Upperthong

What a collection!!! 
Thank you very much to the Holy Trinity churches in Hepworth and Holmfirth and to St John’s church Upperthong.
Every donation means so much to the foodbank and we have been given so much recently.
The collection of Christmas food and treats is gratefully received. Thank you!

The Civic Centre Holmfirth

Thank you to The Civic Centre in Holmfirth for your wonderful donation from your coffee morning, and your 
a monetary donation, which really helps with our weekly shopping bill. Thank you!

Anonymous donor

We would like to say a massive “thank you” to the wonderful lady who bought a shopping trolley full of food at the Co-op and donated it all to the foodbank 🥰
During this cost of living crisis, we are grateful that so many people are still donating to the foodbank.
Every bag, trolley, and box of food donated helps someone put food on their table.
We couldn’t help the people in need in the Holme Valley without your help.
So, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Holmbridge Ladies Choir

Hepworth Junior & Infant School

Once more the children, their families and teachers at Hepworth Junior and Infant School, have been really busy collecting for the Food Bank. We are so grateful for your consistent support year on year! We have really been blown away by your kindness and generosity. Thank you Hepworth Junior and Infants.



Collections at Holmfirth Co-op

A wonderful amount of donations was collected from Holmfirth Co-op this week. Hilary, our lovely volunteer, only just fit it all in her car!!
Thank-you to everyone who has dropped items into the collection basket. We have really felt the benefit of all the donations this last month, as our weekly food bill is rising all the time. We couldn’t carry on helping people with out you all.


Collections at Wooldale Co-op

Our wonderful volunteer Philippa has collected an enormous amount of food from the Wooldale Co-op.
We are so grateful for the generosity shown by the residents of Wooldale and for the wonderful staff at Co-op for their continuing support.

Hepworth Church

Thank-you to the congregation of Hepworth church. We are so grateful for every single Harvest collection that is coming into the foodbank. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people Holme Valley.
We really couldn’t do it without you all.

Holmbridge Vocal Expression Ladies choir

Thank you to ‘Vocal Expression Ladies Choir’ in Holmbridge. We really appreciate your support.
We are so thankful for every donation that comes through our door. It means we can continue the work we do in the Holme Valley.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Huge thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to the fantastic girls and boys who shopped, packed and carried the food to the Phoenix Centre where they then helped to put it into store. An amazing effort!


Residents of Netherlea Drive

A big THANK-YOU to the residents of Netherlea Drive.
They organised a harvest collection for the food bank and have collected much needed stock.
And thank you to Pam Wood, who answered our call for help. We couldn’t run the food bank without the generosity of our local community, so thank you!

People of Holmfirth

The people of Holmfirth are amazing, kind, generous, friendly and just great human beings.
We had a wonderful Sunday getting to meet you all and join the Co-op’s birthday celebrations.
Thank you to everyone who stopped to say hi, donated food and made a massive difference to the food bank.

Holme Sunday School

Thank you Holme Sunday School for your wonderful harvest collection, delivered to the foodbank.
We are so grateful, every donation makes a difference. Thank you.

Hepworth Junior & Infant School

The children, their families and teachers at Hepworth Junior and Infant School, have been really busy collecting for the Food Bank. Thank you each and everyone of you for your kind gifts of food. I know we say it often, but we really couldn’t run the foodbank without the generosity of our community. So, THANK YOU 😊


Taylors Foodstore Honley

We would like to give a massive shout out to Taylors Foodstore in Honley, for their generosity towards the food bank. They provide fresh food every week for the foodbank. We really are so very grateful, as are the recipients of the food parcels. It makes a massive difference!



Colette Tebbutt

Thank you Colette for your wonderful donation of sanitary and beauty products.
Thank you for your kindness towards people in our community who are in need during these uncertain times.

The White Horse Holmfirth

A big thank you to Darren and his team (June, Simon and Vicki) @thewhitehorseholmfirth for organising an amazing collection. A massive boost for the food bank and it is very gratefully received. Thank you!


The Elf Trail!

Massive thanks to Kerry Sykes who presented Dave (vice chair) Anne (treasurer) and Liz (chair) with a share of the proceeds from the very successful Elf Trail. The food bank could not run without these tremendous donations. We are forever grateful for the generosity of the residents of the Holme Valley and to all the shops and businesses who took part in the Elf Trail.



We really do live in a great valley. We are always overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses. Our friends at Bloc have kindly donated lovely, freshly baked bread and amazingly delicious cakes to the food bank, ready to be bagged and sent out for delivery first thing in the morning. Thank you, we are forever grateful

Netherthong Primary School

Better late than never – a massive thank you to Netherthong Primary School for their wonderful harvest festival donation. The children, families, and staff are so kind and generous. We are humbled by the generosity of our local schools.


Switalskis solicitors

Thank you Switalskis solicitors for their wonderful collection, which was also matched with a monetary donation. We are very grateful for all the wonderful businesses in the area who support us all year round. Merry Christmas. 


The lovely residents of Netherlea Drive

Christmas is coming! The lovely residents of Netherlea Drive HD9 braved the snow and the cold to donate much needed food, gifts, and chocolate treats to Santa. His amazing trolley/sleigh came back overflowing and so are our hearts. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.





Maude Fashion

A big thank you to Maude Fashion for the donation of these wonderful gifts for the Christmas gift parcels. We are humbled daily by the generosity of the Holme Valley.


New Dawn Resources

Thank you New Dawn Resources for your wonderful donation.

new dawn

Hepworth Junior and Infant School

The children, their families and teachers at Hepworth Junior and Infant School, have been really busy collecting for the Food Bank. Thank you each and everyone of you for your kind gifts of food. Without your donations those in need could not be so well supported. You are all stars ⭐️ Thank you all so much!


Holme Sunday School

It’s that wonderful time of year when the fruits of ploughing the fields and scattering seed are gathered in and great thanks are given. We’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to Holme Sunday School for their Harvest donation. Your kindness and support is making a huge difference to those in need in our community.


Holmfirth Inner Wheel

Just look what the ladies of Holmfirth’s Inner Wheel brought to their monthly lunch meeting at at The Pickled Pheasant, Holmbridge!! Were they planning to prepare their own meal? No, not at all – this is a kind and generous donation for the Food Bank to help support those most in need in our community. THANK YOU ALL so much for your thoughtfulness in organising this fantastic food collection (the photo shows just some of the donation!)


Ramsdens Solicitors

It’s really heart-warming to receive such wonderful gifts from the Holme Valley community and we’ve had a bumper week!! The hard-working folk at Ramsdens Solicitors LLP have been busy collecting food for those supported through the Food Bank and we were thrilled to receive this donation just in time for Tuesday packing. THANK YOU ALL so much for your kindness and generosity in organising this gift.


Holmfirth and Honley Elf Trail

So many local businesses are participating in Kerry Sykes’s excellent Holmfirth and Honley Christmas Elf Traill. Despite the restrictions the pandemic has brought, these amazing, hard-working folks are making donations over and above their entry fee to support the two food banks in the Holme Valley….
Community spirit is alive and well in spite of the hard 18-months most will have had!! Thank you all for your generosity!
What a fantastically-timed initiative, Kerry, all ready to boost funds for special Christmas food parcels Thank you for investing your time and effort into this and making our community a better and more engaging place to live.

Stocksmoor Village Association

A huge THANK YOU to the residents of Stocksmoor and Stocksmoor VillageAssociation who have donated food and other supplies to Holme Valley Food Bank in the last month.
You have done a fantastic job in organising the collection, donating items and then co-ordinating with the Foodbank. We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you all so much You are all stars.

Scholes Village Store

Donations of long shelf-life food are always a welcome sight! This joyful trolley-load is donated by Scholes Village Store. Thank you for your kind action and for thinking of those in our community who are in need in these uncertain times. You are all stars!

Holmfirth Festival of Folk

A massive thank you to Holmfirth Festival of Folk for sharing the proceeds from their Festival Live Stream 2021 CD with the Food Banks in the Holme Valley. What a wonderful fund-raiser!
The fab CD is still available from Read Holmfirth too!
There was a great Day of Dance too! What fantastic support for those in need in our community. Your hard work and kindness are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU all so much!

Taylors Food Store

A really big thank you to our friends at Taylors Food Store!

Beginning their donations in June of 2020 Taylors Food Store have provided weekly supplies of their freshest of breads, tastiest of fruit, veg, eggs, milk and even the occasional Lucozade!

We are blown away by such kindness and generosity. 

As many of you know Holme Valley Foodbank is a small organisation, and we are proud and honoured to be surrounded and supported by so many local businesses around us. A lot of what Holme Valley Foodbank do as an emergency food centre could not even begin to be achieved without the help of business’ such as Taylors, their support meaning families get the good quality produce they deserve and can rely on.

Tony Washington and his team at Taylors food store in Honley are truly amazing, THANK YOU so much!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hepworth Junior and Infant School

We continue to provide 2.5 times as many food parcels each week than pre-COVID times, so every item donated counts more than ever towards helping those in need. A special big THANK YOU to the pupils, families and staff of Hepworth Junior and Infant School who collect for us continuously. Your kindness and generosity is really appreciated – you’re all stars!



Stocksmoor Village Association

Massive thanks to all those who contributed to Stocksmoor Village Association collection for the Food Bank. Every available space in Liz’s (Food Bank Chair) car was utilised and then it took 3 volunteers an hour to empty her car and put all your wonderful donations away. The shelves did look a little more full that morning and now we know why! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You’re all stars!172895897_925871258177416_6138270595975479577_n


Atlantic Ceramics and Rod The Potter

We are amazed and overwhelmed by Lorna Gilbert Ceramics who organised the #GreatCharityPotSale and two talented Holmfirth artists, Rod Websdell @rodthepotter and Atlantic Ceramics Katherine Greenwell who both created some fabulous artwork which was sold with the proceeds benefiting the Food Bank to the sum of £200!

Thank you so much for using your fabulous creativity to support people in need in these difficult times. You are fantastic community supporters.  🌟

Holme Coffee House

The lovely folks at Holme Coffee House, Holmfirth donated £120 of their tips and a number of family size tins of beans and tuna. How amazingly generous is that, especially in these hard times?!

Thank you so much – your gift has enabled us to buy shampoo and shower gel to add to the food bags this week and next week. 


Scholes village 5K

A huge THANK YOU to Scholes Village 5K runners who are raising funds for to help the Food Bank support those in need in our community. This is so welcome at this time of uncertainty. You are awesome!!

Kirklees Council

Thanks to Kirklees Council for providing hand wash, hand sanitizer and shower gel to help control infection.

Scholes Pavillion Pre School

A SHOUT-OUT for Scholes Pavilion Pre School who organised and delivered a collection of food and other “goodies” for the Food Bank.
With all the other preparations for Christmas, this is extremely kind and thoughtful of everyone involved. THANK YOU so much. You are all New Year stars and your gifts will make such a difference to those in need in our Holme Valley community during the winter months.

Hepworth School

Hepworth School have topped their amazing support of  the Food Bank, in this most challenging of years, with their Reverse Advent Calendar collection. A huge round of applause and tremendous thanks to all pupils, parents, families, and staff. You are all Christmas stars!!


Healthy Mums Christmas Support Project

Through fantastic organisation, generosity and dedication, Healthy Mums Christmas Support Project, were able to provide gifts to children for a second year at the Food Bank. As you might imagine, there were lots of gifts to sort and label up as the images show! Thank you to Healthy Mums – your support will have made a huge difference to many children and their families this Christmas!


Holmfirth Inner Wheel

Pictured Holmfirth Inner Wheel‘s Reverse Advent Calendar donated in perfect time for the Christmas pack by President Bee Hinchliffe and Membership Secretary Kate Drake. What an impressive list of groceries! Thank you all for your commitment and generosity – you are all stars and your gifts will make such a difference to those in need in the Holme Valley this festive season!


Scholes Cricket Club

Thank you to Scholes Cricket Club for donating £300 to the Food Bank from your virtual raffle. Much appreciated!

Scholes Fisheries

To those of you who don’t know Costa of Scholes Fisheries, let us introduce him to you. Recently he donated three sacks of beautiful spuds to Holme Valley Food Bank and here he is shouldering a 25kg bag to my vehicle. Just imagine the number of chips you can make from a bag this size! Costa says these potatoes are also great for mashing, roasting and baking and they keep well. Mmmm mouthwatering  THANK YOU so much Costa, your gift will make a big difference to struggling families this week. You are a star!


Taylors Food Store

Look at these lovely oranges and courgettes supplied by Taylors Food Store, along with the bread and eggs. Taylors have been donating our order every week since the beginning of June.  How fantastic is this!! What an amazing gesture of kindness and generosity. THANK YOU so much to Tony and his team at Taylors in Honley and also to the fabulous customers who donate food from their own shopping baskets. You make such a difference to those in our community who are struggling in these hard times. You are all stars!

Food donations 27Oct cropped

Hepworth Junior and Infant School

We’re really grateful for the wonderful donation of food collected for us by Hepworth J & I School  pupils, their families and the staff this week. In these challenging times, this donation is doubly appreciated, especially when so expertly packed in such attractive bags . A huge THANK YOU to Head Teacher, Mark Crouch, and the supportive school community.

It looks as if we have some aspiring packers too!


Scholes Post Office & Village Stores

We’re delighted that Scholes Post Office & Village Stores has re-opened! The new owners, Timat, Abdul & Maaria, are keeping the foodbank donations box & already adding their own gifts. A very special thank you to you and your fabulous customers & all the very best for the future.



A wall of biscuits from Bolling, Grumpy Mule and Bewleys

We were the lucky recipients of an absolute wall of biscuits from the Meltham based coffee roaster, Bolling of Grumpy Mule Coffee fame! Bewleys have now taken over and we wish everyone all the best for the future.

Taylors Foodstore Honley

Our friends at Taylors continue to amaze us with their regular kindness and generosity.

Now it’s a hat-trick of hat-tricks! Our very kind friends at Taylors Foodstore #Honley have donated this week’s order of fresh provisions. THANK YOU so much – once again you’ve made our week!

THANKS also to our LOVELY volunteer food collectors, sorters, packers and drivers for all of your help – a grand team effort




THANK YOU also to John, from Holme Valley Covid Mutual Aid  for collecting and carrying the items for the Food Bank in time for the food bag pack and delivery, and to all our vounteers who collect sort and pack our donations.  A real TEAM effort!


Team Rhinos | Food Aid Network |Feeding Britain | Unity Poverty Action

We love to see Team Rhinos in Holmfirth! They deliver food to us on behalf of the Food Aid Network, Feeding Britain and Unity in Poverty Action. Huge thanks to everyone involved for their generosity and time. We really do appreciate your support.


all our fab volunteers

…and finally THANK YOU to all our lovely volunteers who are collecting donations, buying food, and doing so much to help.

updated 15 december 2022

Holme Valley Foodbank | Holmfirth


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